Tamrisa and Jared

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How We Met

In April of 2013, I noticed this handsome guy in my training class. He had volunteered to assist the trainer. When I saw him I just knew I had to get to know him. The next day we began our day at our work stations. I was on my way to a morning meeting where I happened to walk pass his desk. I gave him a little cute wave and made sure to catch his name tag. When I had reached my desk, I immediately sent him a instant message to simply say “Hey!” We exchanged a few words then he asked to meet me in the break room to chat.

As he was walking in I can tell he was just as nervous as I was, yet really excited to be meeting each other. I was at the vending machine getting a snack as he walked in and sat down. He noticed I had a ring on my ring finger and I can tell he was concerned by the expression on his face. He then said “Oh, are you married?”. I was confused at first, but i then remembered I had my ring on. I quickly replied “no,… I just where this ring on this finger to avoid guys trying to talk to me, but you’re okay.” We both laughed at the joke and continued our conversation.

At the end of our chat he suggested that we exchanged numbers to meet for some coffee one day and we traded numbers. Little did I know, he doesn’t even drink coffee; it was just his way to get my number. Haha! And the rest was history.

As we began to go on dates we became really close friends.

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Then our friendship grew into love.

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how they asked

On Friday December 11, 2015 at 2:00 pm, I received a call from the receptionist about a package for me. I went to the front desk to be surprised with my favorite color flowers.

They were just so beautiful. And they had a cute note inside stated this was a scavenger hunt. I was so happy for the rest of the day and very excited to start my scavenger hunt. I drove home anticipating my next clue.When I got home there were several clues placed all over my apartment with little kisses of chocolate (Every kiss begin’s with Kay!). Each note had a moment we shared in our relationship and a clue towards finding the next note. The last note contained flash drive with a teaser video of Jared in Piedmont Park writing all my love notes that he placed in my apartment. It also said today was just a “teaser and tomorrow starts the real test.” After I got my hair done, he had scheduled me a nail appointment to meet at Nail Studio Salon for a manicure. When I got to the nail salon I was expecting to see him there, but I was surprised to see my friend Aisha there with my next note.

The note said “after your manicure, head over to your favorite store and they may have another note for you”. I got to DressUp Boutique and the ladies where waiting for me with my next note. It was a gift card to buy whatever I wanted and to “look cute”. As soon as I was done I had to meet him at Park Tavern in Piedmont Park.

When I got to Piedmont Park my family was all there placed in different locations. I met them and received roses at the top of the hill and when I got over the hill there was everyone standing on the stairs waiting for me and each holding a rose. I was so nervous as I walked down the stairs where he proposed to me.

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That is how they asked….and I would do it all over again if I could because it was the best night of my life.

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I am happy to be marrying this amazing guy I now call my fiance.

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