Tammy and Sheldon

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How We Met

We met in Austin when I was in my senior year of college and Sheldon was an intern at a nursing home. We actually swiped right on each other on Tinder! After a weekend of constantly texting each other, we decided to meet each other in person. Our first date was playing mini-golf and getting margaritas (the start of my gradual love of margaritas…) at the Tex-Mex restaurant down the road. Our date actually started off awkwardly and Sheldon loves to tell this story to my dismay. I got to the mini-golf place first and realized I never texted to make sure Sheldon was on his way as well.

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Houston, TX

Tammy's Proposal in Houston, TX

I thought I had gotten there too early and since I love driving around downtown Austin, I decided to leave and drive around until he answered my text. Five minutes later, he texted saying he was there and I quickly drove back. The date was great and he was such a gentleman but when we got home, he texted asking if I had left and come back! I thought he never saw me but he had actually gotten there before me and watched me park and then drive away. He thought I saw him, and thought he wasn’t worth the date, and drove off. I felt so bad! Obviously, he was totally worth the date and the many more we had after that!

How They Asked

After meeting each other in Austin, we physically split ways – me in Houston and Sheldon in San Antonio. After three years of long distance, he moved to Houston with his little pup Oscar. Oscar is pretty rude to strangers and other dogs so we decided to invest in a dog trainer, Khala. After a couple of lessons, Khala reached out to me about a group meet and greet with some nationally-recognized dog trainer and I was totally willing to get any additional help for Oscar! I texted Sheldon and I had no suspicions when he answered back “Sure why not?” After the proposal, there were so many hints to why this whole thing should have been suspicious to me. Sheldon left work early to pick me up and we headed towards the dog park. I panicked and called Khala because I thought we were supposed to have Oscar with us but she said it was just a human meet and greet (hint). When we got to the dog park, Khala said that the other clients and the other dog trainer weren’t there yet because of the rain (hint hint!). She wanted to prepare everything first though so she asked Sheldon to grab a huge box of informational paperwork. He was so careful getting the box out of her car and I thought it was just really heavy. She then asked me to pass out the paperwork. As she opened the box, all thought of paperwork flew out of my mind because of PUPPIES!

There were these two adorable and tiny poodle puppies! I started cuddling them without a care in the world. I don’t think anyone really expected how distracted I would be with puppies (really though?). After a little prompting, I read the name tags. Grabbing the wrong puppy first, I read “Murry Mi” a few times which was very confusing (Khala was trying to make a play on names/words). As I reached for the second puppy, my mind finally clicked on what was happening and I turned around to find Sheldon on his knee! Obviously, I said yes!

Yes, I only have one picture and it’s terrible quality but PUPPIES.

If you look closely at the picture, you can see that there’s a watermelon Ring Pop on my hands. He wanted to surprise me with the proposal but wanted us to pick out the ring together so he substituted my favorite flavor of a Ring Pop in instead!