Tammy and Michael

Proposal Ideas Central Park

How We Met

Our story is pretty old fashioned but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was staying at my cousin’s (in New Jersey)for the summer and the last thing I thought would be that that would be the summer I would meet the love of my life. My cousin was dating one of Michael’s best friends at the time and when we first met it was just a regular hang out. He was the friend who lived a block away and it just seemed like an awesome hangout spot so once we met, I was pretty much there every day. We both had a similar sense of humor and great taste in movies (the one thing we’re not modest about). It wasn’t one of those instantaneous things but he was cute and we hung out enough that he figured out my obsession with the movie 300 and smores (odd combination, I know).

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Central Park

The moment I knew he was the one was one day he called me to hang out and he told me he had something for me. I rolled my eyes thinking its probably something like food. Nope, it was a poster of 300 (Spartans at the edge of the cliff) and a smores container where you could keep all the ingredients separated until you actually made the smores. I mean to anyone else it was no big deal, but to me, it became so evident that we were developing more than “just friends” emotions. He was just a little bit more subtle and I was giddy every time I saw him.

When I had to leave back home officially for school, I thought it would surely be the end as we both had jobs and school to keep us extremely busy but to my surprise, he continued to make all the efforts to see me.

We’ve been together for seven summers and he still notices every little thing that I love.

how they asked

Michael had told me we would be participating in a Scavenger Hunt, in which his co-worker and his girlfriend had participated. I being the competitive person that I am was more than ready, I believe I even said, “I was born ready.” at some point haha. When we arrived in the city, we began to take pictures at the requested sites which were sent to us via texts by what I thought was the company in charge of the scavenger hunt but was actually Michael’s sister leading us to the final point. Finally, we arrived at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park which is where we had to take a picture.

I suggested we ask anyone but Michael insisted that it be a man who had a camera around his neck since “he must know how to take good pictures if he’s got such a nice camera.” Michael and I posed in front of the fountain and the man hands me Michael’s phone back since we took the pictures on his phone. I look at the picture after thanking him and became confused at the sight of billboards behind us saying, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Suddenly everything made sense and time stood still and sped up all at the same time. I turned around and there was Michael on his knee with a ring in a box and our family in the background holding the signs. It goes without saying that it was the hardest happy cry I’ve ever had and the surest “yes” I’ve ever uttered.

After hugging our family members and taking pictures and just being in shock, I whispered to Michael, “Do we continue the scavenger hunt now?” He just laughed and hugged me in one of those hugs that I am sure will be my favorite forever.

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