Tammy and Kevin

How We Met

Kevin and I met back in 2015 in college. We were in the same school program and had classes together.

Where to Propose in McGovern Centennial Gardens in Houston, Texas

How They Asked

Fast forward a couple years, I decided to get my MBA and I need graduation photos. My mom says she wants family photos so I decided to do my graduation photos at the same time to knock it out. I hired my friend, Kiet Vo to take family photos and my graduation photos. It was raining and very humid that day so we would be in and out from under a tree and our umbrellas. After an hour or so, it was still raining and I was getting restless of being hot and sticky and I just wanted to go into the car and sit in AC.

Tammy's Proposal in McGovern Centennial Gardens in Houston, Texas

Kiet kept stalling but at the time I just thought he wanted to take more photos! So I continued to do so do and then he said: “Ok, we can go now!” And I was so glad, but as I was walking away, I see this person who is in a gray suit, hiding his face using an umbrella. I think to myself… “hmm that looks like Kevin” but didn’t think anything of it until Kevin peaked from under the umbrella! I was shocked and at that moment, I knew what was happening. He was going to propose! All the rain went away and the sun came out! He proposed and there was no raindrop in sight (just the tears on my face). This was the easiest “YES!” ever! Kevin proposed with our families and closest friends there and I was totally shocked by the number of people who hid while I was taking graduation and family photos!

Special Thanks

Kiet Vo
 | Photographer
Tara, Trisha, Mom & Dad
 | Planning