Tammy and Jeffrey

How We Met: We met 3 years ago tomorrow (8-22) I was working at insurance company here in Miami for about a year. The 22nd was his first day at the new job. As soon as I walked in I thought he was so handsome! I was smitten by how nice he was. I made the first approach- he was selling his car so I said I knew someone that would maybe buy the car, so I asked for him to send me pics of the car so I would have his number ;)

how they asked: The morning of March 21, 2015 he said we’d be going down to the Florida Keys for some kayaking, but before that we’d be going to brunch. On the way he was very quiet in the car, I just thought he was hungry Lol. He parked, and all I see is an enormous Asian garden. The place was set up with cabanas, koi ponds and there was an overwhelming amount of trees covering up the hot sun of Miami just right. Since I saw cabanas, I seriously thought we’d have brunch.

We walked around the plantation and he took me over to a small bridge with a waterfall in front of us. There was a ton of koi fish that I couldn’t stop gazing at. He asked me if I liked the place. I told him it was BEAUTIFUL. He then began to say “This is the perfect place to take our first pictures as man and wife …”

Proposal Ideas redlands, fl

After his lovely words, he dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was beyond thrilled! After we walked off the bridge, the owners of the garden were there to congratulate us, and to my surprise they were set up behind us taking pictures of the entire proposal! I loved every second of it. He did good :) Oh and there was no brunch there, So – next stop was lunch!