Tammy and Jack

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How We Met

Jack and I have been together since sophomore year of high school, it’ll be 9 years in December! He played football and I was a cheerleader. I’m a sucker for a good looking guy in football pants.

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No, this isn’t the intro to an early 2000’s romantic comedy, but our relationship has definitely been filled with romance and lots of comedy. We both went to college at the University of Iowa where I dragged him along to numerous sorority events and date parties (he secretly loved it) and he dragged me along to the library (I was secretly thankful). We have incredible friends that have stuck with us throughout the years who have quickly became like family. Our relationship has been held together by the cheesiest deep dish pizza as well as the refusal to give up on each other.

how they asked

We made a plan to go downtown Chicago to hangout on his coworker’s boat on Lake Michigan and then meet up with friends afterward. We go downtown frequently, so this alone didn’t spark any suspicion except this time he splurged on a nice hotel when normally we stay with friends. I honestly did believe we were going to see his coworker’s boat, even while we were waiting inside the Adler Planetarium as it was pouring down rain. Jack explained that his coworker was picking us up but he was stuck in traffic, when really he was waiting for the rain to stop. Finally, when it was not looking like the rain was going to let up he pulled me outside saying he was there. He proceeded to take me by the stairs that led down to the lake, then told me we were in fact not going on a boat. As we walked down the stairs I instantly knew what was happening. As he got down on one knee to propose I saw my best friend run out wearing a parka and holding a camera, followed by the rest of our friends running down the hill in the pouring rain *cue tears*. I thought this moment couldn’t get any better, until I was told a trolley was waiting for us! Best. Day. Ever.

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