Tammy and Dana

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How We Met

We began dating in 2015 and immediately knew we had found something rare and real. We were fortunate to have support and love from our kids/family/friends and moved in together that summer…would things change? Would we finally find out what was “wrong” with the other? Just the opposite: we realized how incredibly compatible we are and we then knew for sure that we were forever.

how they asked

My father passed away unexpectedly when I was thirteen. I was a tomboy, but still the ultimate Daddy’s Girl. The day Dad left this earth, I lost my father, my friend and my hero. Not a day goes by when he’s not missed, with so many “wish you were here” moments. This sentiment was felt more than ever after I met Dana. When I first saw Dana and asked a friend who he was, she replied, “He’s the nicest guy in town!” Indeed. Dana is my everything: tall and handsome, wise, sweet, romantic–and perhaps best of all, Dana has a great sense of humor. I have often wondered about how many laughs he and my dad would have shared and how pleased Dad would be to see his princess being treated like one. Dana is the kind of man every father wants for their daughter. On a drive to Minneapolis in January, Dana and I planned a stop to the cemetery along the way.

We walked through nearly a foot of snow to get to Dad’s grave. Dana helped me brush away the snow ingrained on the headstone, revealing the message Dad left us with 31 years ago: “Life goes on.” We talked about Dad, as we often do. Dana asked, “Do you think your dad would have liked me?” and I answered, “Of course, he would have loved you.” Then Dana asked, “Do you think I’d have his blessing?” as he dropped to one knee. I stood in complete shock with tears streaming down my face. Dana fought through his own tears to tell me how much he loves me and then asked me to marry him. I cried “Yes!” and Dana explained–with a snow-soaked leg!– that he wanted my dad to be a part of this moment. I cannot imagine a more heartfelt, thoughtful proposal; the love of my life honoring the man who gave me life… I know we have his blessing.

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