Tammie and Levan

How We Met

On our first date, it was during the tail end of a blizzard that was spanning over the entire weekend in January of 2015. We had planned to meet for brunch on a Sunday afternoon at this restaurant called Metropolis, a small quaint place he loved. Levan did not want me to drive in the storm so he sent an Uber even though he barely knew me then. His sweet, and thoughtful gesture left a big impression on me from that day forward. We sat in the restaurant for what seemed like an hour to us turned out to be the entire afternoon. Needless to say, we continued to go on dates and met up whenever we could. The following week, Boston got hit with another blizzard, this time there was a travel ban enforced that entire weekend. We couldn’t stand the idea that we will not be able to spend time with each other for that long. After my many failed attempts to stop him, Levan walked 3.8 miles (which took 4hours) in the blizzard with his winter gears and goggles to my place. We spent that entire weekend together snowed in but had the most wonderful time getting to know each other.

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Fast forward a few years later, Levan planned a proposal at the Post Office Square in Boston right in front of the Langham Hotel where he booked a portion of the lounge for our closest friends to attend afterward. He wanted it to be a surprise so he asked my best friend for help. He needed her to lead me through the park in the dark because he knew I would never do such a crazy thing myself. So she planned a girl’s night out dinner at a restaurant near the park while Levan was supposedly “out of town”. Together, my fiancé and my best friend had planned for the Uber to drop us off on the other side of the park by pretending to put in the wrong address. She insisted that we had to cross the park to get to the restaurant and so I reluctantly did with a frown. We met during a blizzard so of course the night he proposed was also during a snowstorm.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Post Office Square, Boston, MA

I was distracted by a guy in a hoodie playing Love Story by Beethoven against a wall of the train station to prevent me from recognizing him. As I was trying to figure out the reason why someone sane enough would be playing the violin at this hour in the freezing snow, I spotted the love of my life standing there with his perfect smile and googly eyes.

From that moment on, I had no recollection of what happened as I was overjoyed by the fact that he was not out of town, and that we were in the most romantic place with all the lights glistening as each snowflake lands on my lashes and melted onto my face. When it was all over, I was taken back to reality by the sight of our friends popping out of the bushes and the hoodie violinist was no other than our friend Gorge. I was then led inside the lounge where to my surprise, twenty of our closes friends were there.

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” Two weeks later, on our vacation in Napa Valley, we decided we want forever to start right now. We did an impromptu trip to one of the most perfect wineries in Napa; Domaine Caneros. The ceremony was performed by my dear friend Henry, who got ordained online and became a minister for the occasion, while surrounded by our families on a perfect day under the rain, on our anniversary.

Tammie and Levan's Engagement in Post Office Square, Boston, MA

Where to Propose in Post Office Square, Boston, MA

I dream of the day I can tell our love story to my kids as we sit on the porch watching the sunset on a dry, not snowing evening. But for now, we have our umbrellas and our winter gears to brave any blizzard or rain that comes our way.

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