Tammie and David

How we Met

David and I met at a time in our lives where we needed each other the most but we just didn’t know it yet. David started working at the gym that I worked at as well. He was so goofy and adorable and the sweetest person. He recently moved down to Florida from New Jersey and he was not like any other guy I have met. David and I became friends first. Every day I would ask him for advice about dating, boys, and working out. He always gave me the best advice about everything especially dating.. but every time he gave me advice he always said “but you should just go out with me” I would always giggle because let’s be honest, what a great pick up line but I always thought he was joking. This went on for about a month. I finally asked one of our other co-workers if she thinks he was serious or joking. She responded with a loud “oh he is serious!” The next time David asked me out I said yes. He was like “really?” We took it slow at first but after a few dates, we were inseparable!

how they asked

David and I fell in love with each other through our love for health and fitness. We were the best of gym partners. It was what we did for fun! When we moved in together, we joined our local gym as well as a boot camp class. The class was every Tuesday and Thursday and we always tried not to miss. We talked about getting engaged for a few months before it happened! He did a GREAT job of throwing me off. Telling me that it will eventually happen but not anytime soon. Every weekend I would think “maybe this weekend?” One RANDOM Thursday I felt awful. I actually called out of work that day and needed to relax on the couch. I let David know that I will not be coming to Boot Camp that night. He told me he was still going to go but I should get dressed because after he wanted to get something to eat with me. I told him to call me when he was done at the gym and I will meet him. Well, as normal he called me after boot camp was over and said “Babe, I need you to come to the gym. I am pretty sure I broke my ankle during boot camp” I immediately jumped up did not change out of my pajamas and told him I was on my way. He told me to make sure I park in the front but he is on the field in the back. I did not think anything of it. All I wanted to do was make sure he was okay. I called my mom on the way and told her what happened. Usually, she would show major concern but this time she was just like I am sure he is okay. Let me know what happens.

I get to the gym, park in front like I was told, walked to the soccer field. Saw him sitting on the bleachers in the middle of the field, all by himself which was odd since “he broke his ankle in boot camp” I walked up to him trying to look at his ankle when he got up. I was like what is going on?? He got down on one knee… asked me to spend the rest of my life with him…. and the rest is a blur.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see my mom, my grandma, his sister and her husband running out of the bushes towards us! They were all there and witnessed us getting engaged! Better yet… David had a go Pro set up behind him and captured it all on video! There was no other perfect place he could have chosen!!!

Special Thanks