Tamicka and Justin

20130923_114854-1How We Met: Justin’s boss introduced us to each other back in 2010. We were friends for about the first year and then he came over to my house and made me dinner. While we were eating he asked me to raise my glass and then he did a toast. He said, “Here is to the foundation that we have built for what I hope to be forever.” I was confused and then he told me that he had fallen in love with me and he wanted to take our friendship to a relationship level. I was overjoyed and speechless for the rest of the date and all i could do was look at him with butterflies in my stomach. From then on til this day, we have had nothing but a fruitful relationship. We have had our ups and downs but we BOTH fought for the love we built. Our communication is amazing and we hang out like two big kids. I am a daddy’s girl and my father does not take to people, especially men, lightly. I knew that Justin was special when he planned a surprise dinner and my whole family and his family showed up. When I walked into the restaurant, all I could see was my father sitting at the head of the table and his father sitting at the opposite end. I could not control my tears.


how they asked: On my birthday, he told me that we were going to his Aunt’s retirement party. He brought me over a green dress, new high heels and jewelry. The day before he met me at the spa for a manicure and pedicure with flowers. As we were parking, he called his Aunt on the phone and asked her to come in the hall way and meet us….and the rest is history as you will see in the video….