Tami and John

How We Met

It all started 3 years ago on a dating app, bumble! His profile read “If you like pina Coladas…” and being the witty girl I am replied by messaging him “and getting caught in the rain” And the rest was history. From our first date talking for hours at an Applebees, it just flowed. It has always been easy for us to talk, laugh, and enjoy life. We were able to seamlessly do this together and build a friendship that blossomed into the greatest love. Our second and third dates were at a Mets game and a music festival. John took his time and waited for the right moment to say I love you, at the top of the highest peak of a mountain range by where we live. Ever since then we have felt like we were on that mountain top! We quickly became best friends and fell deeper in love. Our main goal was the same in life and that was to live it to the fullest. We also gained a similar interest in craft beers and made it our mission to go on these brew tours, as we called them. Visiting 34 in 4 states in nearly 3 years!!

Tami and John's Engagement in Universal Studios: Harry Potter World

How They Asked

Finally, after 2 years of dating we went on our first vacation together to Disney world.. and little did I know he surprised me (a big Harry Potter fan!) with tickets to Harry Potter world. Little did I know the biggest surprise was a magical proposal in Gringots Bank. I was completely surprised and have been on cloud 9 since! It seems like a dream come true to find a man who loves me and wants to grow with me through life. We are always the ones laughing, acting silly, and dancing when no one else is. I am blessed to find a man who I can be myself fully with and he makes me happier than ever.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Universal Studios: Harry Potter World

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