Tamera and Spencer

Tamera and Spencer's Engagement in Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina

How We Met

Spencer and I met in college in Wisconsin. He was originally from North Carolina, and had traveled and played hockey, and ended up going to college at the same place as me. We met and became friends because we had the same major and had a lot of classes together. We spent a lot of time together and eventually became a couple. When we got closer to graduation, he decided he was going to move back home to North Carolina, and so I decided to go with him.

How They Asked

When I decided to move from my hometown in Wisconsin to where his family is from in North Carolina, it was a huge leap of faith, since we had no jobs and I was a little nervous that he had not officially “committed” (proposed). After about a year, we had found jobs, moved into a house, and adopted two dogs. We decided to go camping and hike Grandfather Mountain to celebrate our birthdays in late August. This was our second trip to Grandfather Mountain, and Spencer had been asking all summer to go back. The camping trip was a disaster, since I forgot the poles to our tent and the food we planed to cook for dinner. The next day we drove to Grandfather Mountain, and the entire climb it was cold and foggy, so the views were not as amazing as usual. So I was ready to just go home, but after climbing to the top, Spencer turned to me and got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. He used his great-grandmother’s ring, that his mom gave to him for me, which made it incredibly special. He said that he wanted to propose on the top of the mountain because he felt like it was a great representation of our relationship. The climb is hard and we might want to stop, or give up, or turn back, but when you get to the top, it is all worth it. He had put so much thought into it to make it special and memorable, and I love that I get to share the story with everyone.

Tamera's Proposal in Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina