Tamara and Jon

Tamara and Jon's Engagement in Port Stanley, summer cottage

How We Met

Jon and I met while working in the same office about 6 years ago but neither of us had enough courage to approach the “cute co-worker”. We were both in relationships that we knew were not right for us and somehow we always kept catching each other’s eye when walking past each other. I would tell my friends about this “cute guy” at work on a regular basis until one day we both walked into work late, as per usual because neither of us can be on time for anything. We both grabbed the door together and grazed each other’s hands and smiled. It genuinely felt like a spark right then and there – call me crazy. We started talking immediately afterward and honestly, the rest is history because we both knew at that moment what we had been missing… eeek – 4 years later, we got engaged at the spot we decided to move in together.

How They Asked

It was a casual Thursday in February and my usual work from home day when Jon texted me on his way home asking me to go check on the cottage with him after work. He came home and picked me up. As he pulled into the driveway of the cottage, I heard him pop the trunk of the car but he proceeded to go to the front door of the cottage. He looked back at me and asked: “can you get the stuff from the trunk”. My sassy self immediately thought “wow, ok” And did as he requested. There were a dozen pink and white roses in the trunk ( we would always joke about how he never buys me flowers and how I wished he would start ).

I went inside the cottage and noticed he was a little off but gave him a hug and thanked him for the beautiful flowers. I set the flowers down and as I turned around, there he was down on one knee. I cannot surely say what he had said when he was down on one knee because I completely tuned everything out – I could not believe this moment was happening and the man of my dreams was down on one knee in front of me!! I am still shaking with excitement. I am so so excited to spend the rest of my life with this man

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