Tamara and CJ

how we met

We met at the gym I teach spin at in Laguna Beach. My gay bestie Dennis pointed him out when I got done teaching one morning last spring. And I checked him out for months. We would just say hi and I would go about my work. Then one day he came over the water fountain while I was filling up my bottle and rattled off a bunch of places he went to happy hour in town. He proceeded to give me his number (which I could hardly read. I seriously had to text two numbers once I finally reached out) but he never properly introduced himself so before we walked away (he was so nervous. Knocking everything over on the desk while giving me his number) I extended my hand and said “by the way… my name is Tamara”. He was referring to me as”gym toy” ha ha ha ha

how they asked

We planned a week getaway (he called it our engagement holiday so I kinda knew what was coming) to Arizona Scottsdale area. And we got to our hotel. After grabbing a drink at the hotel bar we went to the smaller (no dj bumping thankfully) pool and I was sitting on the ledge. He was standing in the water between my legs and he just started rattling off the sweetest most romantic things about our journey together. I just thought he was being his sweet self when I saw him reach out of his board shorts a shiny rose gold ring he asked me to marry him. I started crying instantly as I was so caught off guard. When I finally came to my senses he made sure that was a YeS. Then I yelled “we’re getting married!!!!” Everyone stated clapping and cheering. It was a sweet sweet moment.

Special Thanks