Tamara and Chris | Malibu Beach Proposal + Video

How We Met: Chris and I met at a beach bonfire in May of 2010. My best friend from college, Susi, was one of Chris’ good friends from high school and she was throwing a bonfire to celebrate her upcoming wedding as well as the birthday of her future husband, Shawn (who also went to college with me!). At the bonfire Chris and I talked and he seemed like a really nice guy, but all I remember is that he was SO sunburned! The night before the bonfire I had gone to a bar with some of my friends and had worn a cocktail ring on a very important finger to steer away some creepy guys. Chris ( being a guy and not knowing) assumed that I was taken and didn’t pursue me any further.

Three months later at the wedding when I showed up without a ring on my finger all bets were off! We ended up friending each other on facebook, exchanging numbers and setting up a first date 3 days later. On our first date we started talking about our mututal friends and realized that Chris attended my college graduation party which was held with Susi and Shawn (our newlywed friends). Neither of us remembered meeting each other 4 years ago but we were convinced that it wouldn’t have been the right time anyway! After 3 dates within the first week we knew that things were moving fast but everything felt so right. We would always joke about the fact that Chris’ friends and family would threaten to hurt him if he did anything to mess up our relationship! In fact the day of the proposal I joked that he was stuck with me and his joking reponse was “ not officially”.

Little did I know how soon that would change!!

The proposal: It was my 28th birthday and after a hellish week filled with work drama I was mentally and physically exhausted. It was my first day off in 3 weeks and I told Chris that all I wanted to do was sleep in and anything more than that was up to him. At the beginning of the week I had tried to convince him that I was too stressed and tired to even celebrate my birthday with friends and wanted to just do something low key and perhaps wait for a big celebration with friends until the following week.

After sleeping in, Chris told me that we were going to our special beach in Malibu ( the first place we said I love you) and then later that evening we were going to meet my best friend, Deb for drinks. After packing up a picnic and trying to convince Chris that it was late in the day and driving to Malibu on a friday might be a little tough, he told me it wasn’t going to be a problem. We got to the beach, it was a gorgeous day and I was just SO happy to relax and not have to do anything. Chris had made homemade ceviche and margaritas and I thought it was odd that he wasn’t interested in having anything to eat or drink but my brain was just too jumbled to realize what was happening!

Chris told me that he was going to the car to grab my other birthday present so I sat on the beach playing Angry Birds on my phone. I thought it was odd that Chris was taking such a long time and even sent a text to my cousin telling her “Chris is acting really strange today” not knowing that he was so nervous about proposing! About 20 minutes later Chris came back and handed me a small blue bag. I was being lazy and lying down and got slightly frustrated when Chris insisted that I sit up to open my present. Grudgingly I sat up, took off my big sun hat and opened up the bag. Inside of the bag was a small jewelry bag with a very special necklace inside.

Short backstory on my ring: the stone inside of my ring belonged to my great, great, great grandmother and was the same stone that was set in my mom’s orignial engagement ring. When she got a different diamond she had the original stone set inside of a necklace that was given to me at Christmas time and had been sitting in my jewelry box ever since! When Chris and I talked about getting engaged I was insistent on using this stone because of sentimental value. To my knowledge, it was still inside of a jewelry box in my drawer at home!!!

Back to the story – I opened up the bag and noticed that the necklace was inside but it was missing the stone. I remember looking down and thinking “ what the heck” and when I looked up Chris was down on his knee holding a blue box with the most gorgeous diamond ring inside. The next few minutes were a complete blur, I don’t remember what he said or what I said I just remember the feeling of total happiness and love.

After kissing me Chris leans over and says “By the way you might want to smile because there is a photographer and videographer over there and I have a mic on”. At that point I kept saying “OMG you did this to me in my bathing suit?? I have my bathing suit on!” That seemed to be the only thing on my mind at the time! After walking over and seeing Candice (our photographer) and Kiera ( our videographer) we got to take in the moment on the beach and take some more pictures. We left the beach in a total daze of happiness and I was still under the assumption we were meeting a friend for drinks so I was extremely shocked when I opened the door to my apartment and 25 of our closest friends were there to surprise me! Chris had even arranged for my cousin to fly down from Northern California to celebrate with us! I was so amazed at the length Chris went to in order to make our engagement beyond special and I can’t wait for the rest of our life together!

Photos by Candice Benjamin

Video by Kiera of Jakfoto films

Engagement Ring by Kevin Jewelers