Talia and Kyle

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How We Met

I like to think that Kyle and I met by complete and utter fate. Serendipitous, almost. But back then, neither of us ever really believed in all of that, love at first sight, fairy tale romance, kind of stuff. I mean, how is it possible to love someone without even knowing their name, who they are, what their hobbies are? Love takes an understanding, it takes patience, trust and nurture to develop, in order for it to grow. That is all I have ever known it to be until the night we met. Our eyes locked across a crowded room and in that moment it felt as if the whole universe existed just to bring us together. It was mere seconds, a fragment really, but in those seconds, everything changed for us. Four and a half years later, we still believe there was some kind of magic in the air that night.

how they asked

Before heading home for the holidays, Kyle decided to surprise me with a weekend getaway to a place I’ve always wanted to visit, Tofino, BC, located on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The location was a rustic and cozy cabin, hidden amongst the coastal rainforest, just minutes from the beach. Hindsight is 20/20, as they say, and in the weeks leading up to our departure, Kyle was much more secretive than usual. Little did I know that he was planning the best surprise of my life. On the morning of Sunday, December 13th, we awoke to blue skies and a beaming sun, despite the rainy forecast and storms over the previous few days.

Kyle suggested a long walk along Chesterman Beach, and a romantic photoshoot at sunset. We are both photographers, so this was pretty normal for us to plan a photo walk. The winter winds gusted and the warm sun slowly set, as we neared the spot Kyle was adamant about reaching. He suggested that we go and warm our hands at a nearby bonfire, and as we got closer, I thought it was outrageous (not to mention weird??) to go to someone else’s beach fire. Even though no-one was there, they would surely be back any minute. Nonetheless, Kyle persuaded me to go and check it out.

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As we got closer, I noticed two mason jars filled with my favorite drink and a beautiful Charcuterie plate filled with bread, olives and smoked cheeses … these just happen to be a few of my favorite things. I was so distracted by the fact that these unknown people seemed to have the perfect beachside setup, that I didn’t even notice the blankets, pillows, candles and champagne. It finally hit me … Kyle was behind this all along. But how could he have pulled this off? He was with me all day long? Kyle suggested that we sit down and enjoy our drinks and snacks, so I began to remove the driftwood that was holding the blankets in place on this windy day. One of these wooden items was not like the others and as I gazed into his eyes, he suggested I try to open it. I twisted apart the wooden box to reveal a glistening ring that defied my expectations.

Within seconds, Kyle got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was in shock and overwhelmed by emotions, but managed to say, “Yes!”. We met for our first kiss as a newly engaged couple and began to celebrate.

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Then, from the bushes, a woman appeared and commented on how wonderful a proposal it was. She just happened to be carrying a camera with a zoom lens. Another one of Kyle’s surprises, to ensure we could always relive the exact moment. We popped the champagne as the air chilled, sharing our excitement and enjoying the fire. It wasn’t over yet. After arriving back at the cabin, Kyle suggested I go in first. I was greeted by rose petals and candles throughout the interior, and he presented me with a single rose as a final gesture of his love. The rest, is history.

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Special Thanks

Jamie-Rae Fifield
 | Engagement Planning
Karley Bracey
 | Photography