Talaya and Brian

Proposal Ideas Maymont park

How We Met

We met at a flying squirrels baseball game on May 13th, 2014. We got together on June 6, 2014. I was at the stands getting popcorn and lemonade and he walks up to me and says hi gorgeous what’s your name I tell him my name and I get his name. Then he says well that’s a beautiful name for a beautiful woman he made me blush. But what shocked me the most is that he paid for my popcorn and lemonade. We ended up exchanging numbers and I was walking to my seat he started following me and I said are you stalking me he was like no my seat is this way. I said oh okay and I asked where is your seat he told me the number and I looked at my ticket and my mouth dropped because we were sitting right next to each other. I knew at that moment we were meant to be together. I feel like faith put us together. Ever since that day he still calls me beautiful whenever he sees me.

How They Asked

On the day before Thanksgiving in 2017, it was a lovely day at Maymont park Richmond Va. I and the love of my life were walking holding hands looking at the birds, and the bears and the scenery. when suddenly my love said hey look over there its a red cardinal. But when I went to look it was nothing there. So when I turned back around my love was on one knee and he said “I love you when it rains and I love you when it’s sunny I just wanted to know will you be forever my honey” Then he said Talaya Nicole Anderson “WILL YOU MARRY ME ” Of course I said YES. So it’s the next day we both are excited and no one knows we are engaged yet. So after we ate Thanksgiving dinner I went in the car put my ring on walk in the house and said hey everyone I have something to tell ya’ll first thing they said was she better not be pregnant I laughed and said no Brian asked me to marry him yesterday and I Just left out and went Black Friday shopping. When I came back they said wow your engaged my dad and my mom are so happy to have almost a new member in the family so is everyone around us. That’s my story how we got engaged and told our family.