Takisha and Louis

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How We Met

Lou & I met in 2018 as chefs at work. We grew as friends at work (he’s my boss hehe). After I got him to cook the dinner for my 30th birthday, we saw the love we both shared for food, cooking, similar taste in music, dancing & genuinely giving each other an amazing joy of laughter & fun. We shared beautiful life stories & our love grew almost instantly from the first few days we spent together. He came to have dinner at my house & never left the comfort of the peace & energy we shared together. We took a mini getaway to Myrtle Beach & solidified our bond & the rest is history.

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How They Asked

What a family vacation it was! We took a trip to Hilton Head Beach, SC for Pandora’s 6th birthday. I already had an idea that Lou would propose sooner than later. That’s how strong our love has grown. We were getting ready to go to dinner on the dock with the family & Moana was having a small Mom moment. I was giving affirmations of love to her & went down to our room. The guys were waiting for 15 minutes for us to get ready with the kids. Lou was getting upset (ruining his proposal dinner plans hehe), as we missed the time to eat before the restaurant closed. Image 2 of Takisha and Louis

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He came to the room as I was grabbing my purse, arguing how women take too long to get ready. He grabbed my arm, got on his knee as I turned around, with just him, Pandora & myself in the room at the moment. Everything we’ve been through from the beginning, was just us 2 & nothing was more special than the moment that he wanted to give his life & looove to me. And Pandora. Hehe. As I said YES and gave him a huge kiss full of laughter, Moana was standing at the door with a face full of joyful tears as she walked in at the right moment. Then she asked us to redo the proposal in public at a different restaurant so she could at least get a photo to remember the moment. We did it, of course.

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