Takeisa and Quentin

how they asked

After church we headed downtown for the date he planned for us. We parked and started walking. I was not paying attention until we stopped in front of the horse and carriage that was parked on the curb. He said he just wanted to do something really nice, where we could just spend some quality time. The carriage stopped across from the Myriad Botanical Gardens and as soon as we stepped off, I saw the the photographers and the videographer. I thought he was was going to propose right there, but instead we began to walk through the garden. There were 5 pictures of us throughout the garden for the five years we have been together. As he collected each of the pictures he shared his thoughts about each of them. After reaching the 5th picture, he stopped in front of the fountain and got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Well, I’m not going to lie, I don’t know what he said, but I’m sure it was along those lines lol. The only thing I remember him saying is, “I want you to know that I will stop the world just for you!” There were no family or friends there, it was just me, him, and God. After the proposal we had a photo shoot with the photographers and then headed back to the carriage. Once we got to the restaurant, he told me we had a reservation and that we were a little early. They sat us on the balcony outside until our reserved table was ready. When we turned into the room where we were supposed to be eating, I heard a loud, “SURPRISE!” The room was filled with our family and friends ready to celebrate! Words will never describe how I felt that day, but it never hurts to try! We’re getting married!! ☺️? #FinallyDixon2015

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