Tajia and LaRon

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Ellenwood, GA

how they asked

I always said when it happens just make sure it’s not on one of my BUM days haha. Of course, for a photo shoot I’d be all dolled up. I had ideas of when this day may come, but with how creative LaRon is I never could be sure if any of my ideas were correct. The photo shoot became an idea, I thought,”Could this be the day?” Even with me feeling certain, I must say, LaRon and my friends were very good at redirecting me and making me doubt my suspicions. The day went as planned: I got my makeup done, I had my outfits ready, and we took a lot of great photos. Towards the end of the shoot our plan was to go to a restaurant with friends. To prevent the food baby in all my photos, I had not eaten much that morning. I was sooo starved. During the ride to this restaurant LaRon gets a call regarding a painting job. They wanted him to come by that day to give a quote on a room. I of course was against it because I was starving and I felt like work could be done another day. (Also secretly because I still had my suspicions of the proposal happening, so i thought this job would throw everything off!) After being convinced it would only take a few minutes, I went along with it and we stopped to give a quote. I was then confused, frustrated, upset and began to doubt that it was going to happen that day. Maybe this was just a photo shoot. We arrived at the clients home. This family’s home was remarkable, very beautiful, and I fell in love with it. So while LaRon is giving the quote my friends and I were being toured around.

We come down to their theater and again, I fall in love. While sitting in the theater chairs, the man of the house mentions a movie he’d like us to see. I whisper to my friend “A movie! We are not trying to be here that long, Im ready to eat”. He turns the movie on and of course, what do I see? A slideshow with pictures of me and Laron from the beginning of our relationship. The ugly, the cute and the forgotten ones. I turn around and everyone that was in the room with me had gone. It was just me! The tears began at that moment. The ending was a video of him (in the same outifit that he had just walked away from me in, to apparently give the quote) relaying his feelings and telling me that he’d be there with me again soon. In the video, he then does this countdown so I’m of course looking around the room for him and he comes down the stairs now in a completely different outfit, hugs me, wipes my tears and says “Its not over yet”. We go outside to the back yard. (Just when you think this house couldn’t get any better!) we enter a beautiful garden and I see his and my family sitting there with open arms. We next go around the corner to another beautiful garden with a crowd of close friends and family! Meanwhile, the tears are now floodgates. He tells me again, “Its not over yet.” and we depart from our family and head to yet another addition to this beautiful yard. He takes me into this gazebo, where a mini fire pit is lit and he proposes right there. In front of everyone! It was beautiful. Behind the scenes: I find out there were cameras set up everywhere! Recording and getting my reaction from the very second we walked into that house. Though I had my suspicions, that day turned out to be a huge surprise and a day to definitely remember! A story I never get tired of telling. Oh, and we did finally eat! The day ended at a nice restaurant with good food as planned!

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