Tainara and Leandro

Image 2 of Tainara and LeandroHow We Met: Leandro And I met 3 years ago at a nightclub And since then not a day goes by that we did not speak. I asked him in dating on July 4th, An important date for The USA coincidentally. He’s my best friend.

how they asked: On Christmas Eve our families were together when he gave me a box with instructions to look for my Christmas present like a treasure map. After 4 boxes hidden Around his house, i found the last one, And it was a paper he asked me to give to him And a little black box. He opened the paper and began to read a poem by Carlos Drummond de Andrade, a famous writer in Brazil. The poem was called Advices of a Passionate Old. Here’s a piece: “When you meet someone and that someone makes your heart stop for a few seconds, pay attention: may be The most person of your life. If the eyes crossed and at this time there is the same glow between them, stay alert: can be The person you are waiting since the day you were born. If the touch of your lips is intense, if the kiss is exciting and the eyes fill water at this point notice that: there is something magical between you. If the first and last thought of your day were that person, if the will to stay together squeeze the heart thank: something of heaven sent you a divine gift: Love…” Of course i spent that whole week crying without believe it was real.

Image 1 of Tainara and Leandro