Tai and Robert

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How We Met

It’s funny, but we actually met on Facebook. I normally don’t add a lot of strange guys, but he sent me a friend request one day and before I confirmed his request, I went to his page and I saw that he had an entertainment company. I’m a celebrity makeup artist and I work in the entertainment industry, so I was thinking it could be about work, so I added him. I quickly found out that he was just a cute guy that thought I was cute, but it was something different about him. After chatting on FB for a few weeks, I finally give him my number. He wanted to hear my voice and possibly meet me in person. We met, and we’ve been together officially since 2012.

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how they asked

My 40th birthday was fast approaching and I was running out of ideas on what I wanted to do. I had run a few thoughts by my boyfriend of 5 years and he kept saying “whatever makes you happy you should do and you should be around the people who love you the most.”

I was thinking about a girl’s retreat, a cruise, a tropical getaway….you name it. I decided to do a Moroccan themed party in Malibu, California where the weather would be nice and all of my friends could possibly enjoy an ocean view. As I started planning, he was very helpful and he said that he wanted to contact my invites to gather pictures of me and my friends for a slide show that would play during the party. I thought it was a great idea.

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The day of the party it was pouring down rain. I was very upset and I felt like the day would be ruined. He on another hand, was very positive and kept encouraging me that everything would be okay. He was right!! The sun started to come out and people started arriving, and the party was fabulous. At one point I asked him about the slideshow and he told me the owner of the house said the TV was broken, so we couldn’t do the slideshow. We had so many other elements, so I just said okay.

After we sang Happy Birthday, he instructed everyone to go into the living area. I figured that we were all going to dance. Low and behold, the slideshow starts to play. It started out with pictures of my friends, pictures of me with our kids, ending with pictures of he and I. The music was edited perfectly and his voice on the video instructs me to go and look under the TV for my next surprise. I thought it was plane tickets or maybe a ring, so I was excited. It was a towel covering something, so I slowly started to remove the towel…

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It was a trophy with a holographic image of us on our first date with that date on it. The room went silent. I was SO embarrassed, I didn’t even want to turn around to face the room. He then says, “read it, what does it say?” I read very loudly, “That forever type of love” then he responds, “Do you know what I mean when I say that?”… and drops to his knee… the room goes crazy!!!!

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**A little back story on why I was in complete shock…He had been telling me that he wanted to finish his apprenticeship program at work before even thinking about marriage, so I knew that was at least 3 years away. **

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