Tahmeed and Farzia

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How We Met

We initially met at a common friend’s house just a day before ASOT 850, a rave that took place in Sydney back in April 2018. We didn’t know each other at all back then but when our friends were all deciding if we should go to the rave or not, I decided to give it a shot and it would be my first rave ever. We clicked very well from the get-go and something very magical happened at the rave which we both know we felt but didn’t understand feeling for the longest time.

We soon became good friends and a year later, best friends, all the while trying to deny the obvious spark and connection that was between us. After about a year and a half of trying to not let into these feelings, we finally let go and he asked me to be his girlfriend at a rave, Festival X that took place on Nov 30, 2019. That is also why he probably decided to propose to me on the same day of the year, Nov 30, 2021, after 2 years of being together in an amazing relationship.

How They Asked

Our second anniversary was coming up on the 30th of Nov, 2021 and I sort of had
a hunch that he would be up to something given that our wedding is around the
corner. We went to finalize our rings and we fell in love with the ring he proposed to me when we saw it. He kept telling me that he wasn’t planning anything fancy and rather, we’d be going to some special places each day during the last 10 days of the month of November. The places we went to include the location we first met, the location where we first hung out together, the location where we first lived together, etc. Those last 10 days of November made me feel very special and we reminisced a walk down the memory lane together. He kept telling me that he’d propose to me on the 18th of December of 2021 since that’s my birthday, so I was a little confused and surprised when he proposed to me at Sandcastle hut, Milson’s point.

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He told me he would be taking us to one of our “spots” that we hadn’t visited so I was really confused when we arrived at Milson’s point since it wasn’t one of our spots as far as I could remember. We were walking together when I started hearing the song “Brightest Light” by Lane 8 – one of our truly favorite songs. At that moment, my heart
skipped a beat, and I couldn’t believe what was happening.

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We entered the sandcastle hut, he got down on his knees and I couldn’t stop myself from crying. He proposed to me and it all felt surreal and obviously, I SAID YESS!! Neither of us quite remember the exact words that were said in that instant, but we know we have never felt that feeling before and will cherish it forever. The décor was beautifully set up by My Proposal Co.

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Special Thanks

My Proposal Co.
 | Planning
My Proposal Co.
 | Stylist
Studio Barakat
 | Photographer