Tahlia and Louis

Tahlia's Proposal in On our block of land where our future house is going to be built

How We Met

We met in 2015 when I started working at the same place Louis did. We worked together for two years and became really good friends. I left that job and we kept in touch over the last two years on and off. At the beginning of this year, we reconnected and started dating, and Louis was offered a position at a different store (still at the same company we both previously worked together). He took the job and moved there, and then a position came up back at the original store where we worked together, and I was successful in securing that job and I’ve moved back. So we are both now working for the same company but from different stores!

How They Asked

November 16, 2019:

I finished work at 1:30 and as I was finishing up, Jen my manager gave me a letter from Louis that read “go home and get changed into something nice, and then come to my house”.

When I arrived at his house there was a sign on the door saying the surprise wasn’t actually here, but to drive to our block of land.

When I got there, there were photos in frames of us together on the floor, and while I was looking at them, Louis walked around to where I could see him holding a bouquet of flowers.

He came over and said there’s something he wants to ask me but he needs some help. My mum and dad, nana, his mum and dad and brother came into view with our two dogs as well.

My dog Willow was wearing a tutu and had a little bag tied to her harness, and his dog Benny had a sign around his neck saying “turn this sign around”.

Louis then spoke to me about how much his life has changed with me in it and how thankful he is to have me, then he said go and turn around the sign on Benny’s neck. It said, “Will you marry my dad?”.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On our block of land where our future house is going to be built

While I was reading that Louis went over to Willow and got the ring box out of the bag, and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the most romantic and magical moment of my whole life!