Tahiana and Michael

how they asked

My parents came from New York to Pennsylvania to see the new home we purchased together. They spent the weekend with us and they visited within the neighborhood. When they left to go home I told Mike I was disappointed I didn’t take them to the museum because my father loves art. Mike replies, “We haven’t been in a while, why don’t we go next weekend?” I agreed. Saturday rolls around and it’s a typical day of laying around the house and me forcing Mike to hurry to get ready so we wouldn’t lose the day. We are browsing and viewing all of the wonderful art the Philadelphia Art Museum has to offer.

We walk out after a few hours into a beautiful flower garden. I began rambling about these cool sun glasses that I really wanted. Mike replies, “I’ll get you a pair! ; and… I have a question to ask you….” as he slowly gets down on one knee.

Image 1 of Tahiana and Michael

Image 2 of Tahiana and Michael

is sister jumps out one of the bushes camera in hand and all I could say was “OMG!”

Image 3 of Tahiana and Michael

Which eventually turned into “Yes!”

Image 4 of Tahiana and Michael