Taelor and Morgan

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How We Met

Taelor and I met in college in 2009, the same night I was on a date with a mutual friend. At the time, he was also seeing someone else and then six months later we were properly reintroduced. After casually running into each other multiple times for almost a year, he finally asked me to go on a date which was a hike at slide rock in Sedona State Park. Fast forward one year, Taelor was graduating and moving back home to San Diego, while I still had two years left. At that point, neither one of us were ready to say ‘goodbye for now’ on what we had.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Terranea Resort

We decided to take on the challenge of long distance which turned out to be the most trying as well as the foundation of which our relationship was built upon. For two and a half years, Taelor and I took turns visiting one another from Flagstaff, Arizona to San Diego, California. In May 2013, I graduated college and was set on moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

Taelor and Morgan's Engagement in Terranea Resort

At that point, Taelor was ready for a new adventure therefore relocated himself to LA so we could be together. Moving in together after long distance definitely created new challenges but we were ready to face them head on. For the next three years, Taelor and I both advanced in our careers, moved twice, traveled and grew as a couple. We couldn’t be happier with the decisions we made and how far we’ve come!

how they asked

After both of us having an intense week at work, Friday couldn’t come soon enough. On April 7th, I came home to my favorite flowers, a beautiful bouquet of blue hydrangeas sitting on the counter. I didn’t think anything of it, just figured he was being extra sweet since that’s just the type of guy he is. After being home for about an hour, Taelor suggested to go to Terranea Resort to grab a drink during happy hour. I was against it at first, but with his convincing it sounded like a fun outing for a Friday night. We have been there multiple times before so it wasn’t out of the norm that he wanted to go there.

Once we arrived he led me to an area where you have amazing view of the water at the Terranea cove. After complaining about walking on the dirt path and getting rocks in my shoes, he grabbed my hand and said, “You’re fine, just trust me”. Seconds later I looked up to see my sister and my niece sitting on a towel in the sand. I stopped in my tracks and asked, “Is that my sister”?! He smiled and said, “walk with me”. He practically had to drag me the rest of the way as I couldn’t comprehend quick enough to what was going on. Naturally, the tears started as I inched my way forward to discover both of our entire families standing there with gold balloons that spelled out “Feyonce” accompanied by a giant ring shaped balloon. He brought me onto the sand, took my hands and gave me the speech of a lifetime.

At the moment he’s pulling the box out of his pocket he realizes that he grabbed the wrong box, (he had grabbed the outer box that holds the actual ring box). He looked at me, turned to our families and said, “In true Taelor fashion, I grabbed the empty box and the ring box is still in my car”. There was a moment of silence then laughter and I hear his dad yell, “Well go get it!”. He got down on one knee regardless of having the ring at that exact moment, when my mom and sister then yelled, “Wait, we have a ring!”, and handed him the ring balloon and of course I said, “YES”!

Moments later, he ran to the car and returned with the correct box. We recreated the moment of him getting down on one knee, me seeing my ring for the first time, and him asking me to be his forever. After lots of tears, hugs, and photos, we went to dinner where more of our family and friends surprised me. Words can’t describe how special it was to have our families there, especially since they all flew in! I am so blessed our paths crossed 6 years ago and I can’t wait for this new adventure!

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