Tad and Victoria

How We Met

The year was 2014, and a good ole slide in the DMs is how Tad caught my attention :) He was unassumingly sweet, and after giving him a bit of a hard time, I trusted him enough to give him my full name so we could message each other on Facebook. After that, we got to know each other even better on Facebook messenger. I later found him interesting (and sane) enough for a phone conversation. Our first conversation was like talking to one of my very best friends! No dead air. No pressure to keep the convo going. Everything just naturally flowed and we soon became regular chatting/Facetime buddies! Although I really enjoyed talking to him, I didn’t foresee things going further than friendship, as he lived in Florida and I’m in Tennessee. We stayed friendly but talked very sporadically. Fast forward to 2016, we’re both single and Tad came to Nashville to visit me for the first time. It was just like our first conversation–effortless fun I didn’t want to end. He visited me regularly, moved to Tennessee a few months later, and we’ve been happily inseparable ever since!

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Weeks prior, Tad told me his job was having a banquet. Although this is the first one he’s mentioned, I didn’t find that out of the ordinary and was eager to meet his bosses. On the way there, I was on time for the first time in who knows how long! Needless to say, I was proud to be on time for once and he was running a little late. When we got to the “banquet” we were walking up and I mentioned maybe entering the closest door, and he said, “No, I think we have to go around the front.” I said, “Ok,” and continued walking. As we turned the corner, I should have noticed the beautiful set up he’d taken time to prepare for me, but I didn’t, I was looking over it at the river. He told me the “banquet” was at Nashville’s Bridge Building which makes sense as they’re an event venue. The Bridge Building is near the Pedestrian Street Bridge which is significant to us, as it’s my favorite bridge and where I first took Tad when he came to visit Tennessee for the first time.

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When we turned the corner to enter the front of the Bridge Building, we kept walking and I didn’t see anyone. I asked Tad where everyone was, and he said, “just keep walking.” We walked more, closer to the edge where we could see the river, and I soon noticed all the candles and pictures displayed were of us, and our initials V & T, and to the left there was a marquee chalkboard that said “The beginning of forever, I promise.” ‘I promise’ is something we always say to each other. At this point, I FINALLY realized there was no banquet. I looked at him excitedly with a huge smile on my face and said, “what are you doing?!”

Tad and Victoria's Engagement in Nashville

He replied with a sly grin, “It’s happening…” He then told me how much he loved me, what I meant to him, and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Of course I said yes (repeatedly) pretty instantly!

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I’m so excited to share my life with my best friend, this is our #BeginningOfForever #MakingTheMorgans

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