Tad and Kaitlyn

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How We Met

I found Tad the Summer of 2013 in Anderson, South Carolina at a truck show. I’m the type of person that watches before I speak. He was so handsome, looked like a muscle man (I was obsessed with Vin Diesel in middle school). His two beautiful children were with him at the show that weekend. He was so good with Madison and Noah. A couple months later we ran into each other again at another truck show in North Carolina. This time we actually carried on a conversation (Being brave. Go me!)

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I think we were both nervous; if you think about it this macho fellow being shy makes me laugh. We ended up exchanging numbers and we started learning a lot more about each other. I already knew I really liked this man by Check’s 1-3. I found out one day when I went to ride my horses that he grew up on a farm horseback riding! I believed then that those were all the “Checks” I needed. Tad lived in North Carolina at the time and I lived in South Carolina. We decided to meet half way at The Riverbank Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina for our first date. Both of us loved going there. We went there many times after that to see each other. The Riverbank Zoo turned into a symbol of love for us.

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Check 1 – Loves trucks and going to shows
Check 2 – Goes to the gym
Check 3– Great Father
CHECK 4 – Horseback riding

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how they asked

Oh boy was Tad excited. Tad still lived in North Carolina and drove down for a typical weekend to see me. That Friday, January 29th, 2016, was my cousin Jordan’s birthday and my family was doing a party at my aunt’s house for her. 95% of my family was there. When Jordan was about to open up her birthday presents, she wanted me to sit next to her. At that point, everybody was in the living room in a circle and she wanted me to sit next to her? Okay something is up! I was praying Tad had asked Jordan if it was okay to do this on HER BIRTHDAY. Don’t mess with Jordan’s birthdays now… Tad walked up to me, got one knee down, and proposed! Right there, in front of my family to share that special moment. He made it very special and memorable. We will never forget!

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