Tabitha and Tyler

How We Met

We don’t have a really cute “how we met story,” we met online. We talked for a couple days and decided to meet in person and go to dinner. We first met in the parking lot and walked in together. We sat down, started chatting casually, then ordered our dinner and ate. We found out that we had a lot more in common than our profiles alluded to. We talked about our jobs, our school classes, our families, our hobbies, ourselves, we talked so much and so long the manager had to ask us to leave because they were closing, 6 hours after we first sat down! We apologized for staying so late and left the restaurant. He walked me to my car and we continued to talk while we walked, I opened my tailgate and sat down. We continued to talk for another two hours! Once we realized the time and how long we had been talking, which added up to 8 hours(!), we actually decided we HAD to say good-bye as we both had class/work the next morning.

how they asked

Every Christmas Eve his family went out to Lawry’s prime rib restaurant for dinner, and this year was the first year (in the 3 Christmas’s we have been together) that I was able to be there. We got ready and were adorable in our coordinating red and green Christmas outfits! Once at the restaurant, everyone sat down and started looking over the menu. During the Christmas season, Lawry’s restaurant has Carolers that come around to every table and sing one or two Christmas songs at the request of the customers at that table. When the Carolers came to our table, they started singing “The 12 days of Christmas” for us. As the song progressed, instead of singing “5 golden rings” on the fifth day, they sang “one engagement ring” and stopped. I was so confused because they stopped singing and started to look around and everyone’s phones suddenly were on me. I look over to Tyler who is already on one knee beside me, with a long stem silver rose. As he gave his little speech about how much he loved me and how much he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, I turned bright red and teary eyed. He then opened the top of the silver rose, and inside was the beautiful engagement ring he had for me. As I laughed from my nervous comments, and him laughing at me for making my nervous comments, he officially asked me to marry him, and I said yes!

Image 1 of Tabitha and Tyler