Tabitha and Scott


How We Met

Oh boy, how long do you have? In “short”… 7 years ago I saw Tabitha on television and thought “wow… The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen”. Facebook was new to me back then so I decided to look her up and to my surprise she added me and we had a brief and friendly convo.

5 years would pass where we would simply say hello here and there and like each others photos etc etc. The one day I received a job that would have me training in Nashville and I wanted to see if maybe she might be interested in having a coffee and actually meeting in person for the first time.

She said no. Lol…Two months later however she would message me and said that she could kick herself for not meeting me when she had the chance… I responded “what are you doing Tuesday?” And booked the next flight out… That was nearly 2 years ago.

how they asked

Tabitha and I had been doing the long distance thing (her in Nashville, me in Canada) for nearly 2 years. It was July 4th and for months she had been pressing me about how there couldn’t be a better time to propose than that very weekend, with the ocean and her entire family etc etc.

I played it off very well, saying that I needed her to just trust me and that when I do it it will be perfect.
Her grandfather would fall ill shortly before the July 4 family vacation and would not be able to join us. Tabitha and her grandfather are extremely close as he mainly played the part of dad in her life. So without her knowing, I flew in a few days early and secretly drove to Alabama to see her Grandpa and ask for his blessing in asking her to marry me.

So when the time came for pictures on the beach on July 4th I turned to Tabitha and said: “I just want you to know this is when I wanted to do it all along… But your grandpa fell ill and could not come and I NEED his blessing before I can ask…I hope you understand”.


She began to get a little emotional and brush off what I was saying… Which is when I said “That’s why I went to see him last week” and showed her a picture of him and I and then got down on one knee.


Which is when I began to cry like a girl and forgot to even ask her to marry me before she tackled me with a giant hug.

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