Tabitha and Joshua

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How We Met

I was walking out of the church with my best friend, Abby, one Wednesday night when I heard her say to someone “Oh my gosh! How are you?” I look over and it is some random guy I have never seen before. My best friend knew him (Josh) from a small group several years prior. She introduced Josh to me saying “Tab’s in nursing school” because Josh was a nurse and had graduated from the same school I was attending 2 years prior. Josh and I talked for a while about nursing, but I was super cautious because I thought he was dating the girl standing next to him. Come to find out later, they were just friends and were with a big group of people and had just gotten separated from the group. Funny story, the girl that was with him is now actually one of my bridesmaids. A couple of weeks later, me and Josh started talking based off a tweet for our love for John Mayer and the rest is history.

how they asked

Josh asked in the most special way I could have ever imagined. I had been in Peru on a mission trip for a week and I got back on Friday and was pretty exhausted from flying over night. On Saturday, I had work from 3-11 p.m. but also had work the next morning 7 am – 3pm. My best friend, Abby texted me telling me all of our friends were planning to go look at Christmas lights and that I should come and that they would wait for me to get off work. I said no at first, because I knew I had work the next day and needed to sleep. Abby kept begging me to go and quoted “Everyone missed me and wanted to see me and that I could sleep when I died.” So I decided to go. Josh texted me and told me he was going to pick me up from work and I mentioned to him that he would have to bring me back to my car after we were all done looking at Christmas lights. He quoted “I know, but I don’t want you to back out and I’ve missed you and want to spend time with you.” So I believed it. Josh picked my up from work and we went driving to Homewood where we were meeting our friends. We pulled in and parked and finally he said lets get out and walk around while we are waiting on them. Something I have always wanted to do was dance in the middle of the street under the Homewood Star at Christmas time. We get to the top of the hill and he turns on the song “White Dress by Ben Rector” and says “You’ve always wanted to do this.” As he is spinning me around while dancing, I see a photographer pop out and he eventually gets down on one knee. I was so shocked and so caught off guard, but it was so special!!!! Homewood holds so many special memories for the both of us and I’m so honored to be married to the man of my dreams!!!!

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