Tabitha and John

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Rockford Park, Wilmington, DE

How We Met

John and I met in 2012 when he started attending my church. He joined the band I was in. We began writing music together and became best friends. One day the feelings just changed and I fell in love with him.

Tabitha's Proposal in Rockford Park, Wilmington, DE

how they asked

We decided, last minute, to go to a free concert featuring our favorite band. The band sings a song called “Priceless” which is “our” song and the song I’d been wanting to walk down the aisle to someday.

The band started playing the acoustic version of the song and I was singing along, not expecting a thing. I suddenly saw John hand the phone over to a guy standing next to him and before I could figure out what he was doing, he was on one knee. He proposed just as the chorus began. It was absolutely perfect!

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