Tabitha and Jarrad

Image 1 of Tabitha and JarradHow We Met: I have known Jarrad since I was 9 years old. I moved primary schools when I was commencing year 3 and we were in the same class…I was 9 years old when I first thought “I adore this boy”… (Even though he barely spoke 2 words to me) the years after that I would hope for us to be in the same class, for him to sit next to me and for him to just to talk to me.

It all changed when it came to moving on to high school, I was devastated when I didn’t get accepted into the high school that Jarrad was going to and that I would probably never see him again, and I didn’t for a good 5 years until we both turned 18 (our birthdays are a day apart) and I saw him at a club and he smiled and I smiled and I hugged him for such a long time that he thought I was a complete nutter. From then on we have been inseparable and have been together for over 6 years.

We got engaged last year in September and it was such a beautiful night. I had been out for the day with my mother shopping as I had the day off, when I got home there was a white box on my door step with a big red bow and I immediately squealed and opened it, inside was a letter and an outfit I had been dying to purchase. It roughly said something like “I will come and pick you up at 7.30pm, I hope this outfit fits you, please don’t ask any questions…I love you”. So he picked me up, I wasn’t sure what was happening and he seemed fine. We had a beautiful dinner at a restaurant called Rockpool in Perth.

Once we had finished I thought we were going home when he reared off toward the elevator that goes up to the hotel rooms, he then blindfolded me and said we were staying the night…I was so excited and immediately started asking a million questions. When I took the blindfold off he was on one knee surrounded by candles and a gorgeous ring, I will never forget it. He sneakily filmed the whole thing as well which is so special. We then spent the rest of the night calling our friends and family to share the good news. 9 months on and I still look down at my ring and smile.

Image 2 of Tabitha and Jarrad