Syriess and Austin

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How We Met

We met through my best friend Lindsay. She told me she found the perfect guy for me and I was done with guys at that moment until she sent me a picture of him surrounded by cute African kids he took care of on his YWAM trip. I couldn’t say no and it was a sure good thing I didn’t!

how they asked

That day was incredible. So much planning and love went in to it and all for me. I really didn’t know boys did that. Austin was always a romantic guy from day one. It wasn’t much of a surprise when I did find out all the planning that went into it. Austin and I planned to go to the mountains for three days off in Banff, this was normal because we love hiking. Randomly he told me that Nicole Ens an amazing photographer was asking for a modeling call for pictures of a couple in the mountains at sun rise. I told him that was a real coincidence but she had the contest on her Instagram story and he sent me a screenshot of the conversation of her telling him that we probably won’t get it because there were so many people wanting to do the photoshoot.

Later he told me he won and Nicole wrote me telling me she wanted me in a long dress that flows and that she planned to bring a beautiful bouquet of flows. We headed to Calgary and slept at my sisters and at 2:30am in the morning we were up and picking up Nicole with the stars above us. We headed to Lake Peyto and I had to hike up in a dress. As the sun was rising, Austin asked if she could change the song and our song “Die a Happy Man” came on. I looked over and he got down on one knee. There were tears and I was jumping for joy and Nicole caught the whole thing. I’m so lucky to have that special memory photographed for the rest of my life. I don’t know how I could ever thank Nicole.

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Special Thanks

Nicole Enns
 | Photographer