Synnøve and Sam

how we met

We met while we were both living in Australia. Synnøve had a weekly game night at a mutual friend’s house, and I was struck by how fun she was to be around. Needless to say, I decided to become a regular attendee and from there we became friends and started hanging out together.

how they asked

The plan: May 16 (celebrating 10 months together)In March, I had spoken with Synnøve’s parents when I visited her in Norway for her birthday (apparently she was expecting a proposal on this trip, but it wasn’t to be!) After that, she planned to visit me in May and so I knew that would be THE time to propose. One thing I knew Synnøve had been wanting was to do a photoshoot together, and so I thought doing this for our 10 months would be a great surprise for her. But I wanted her to feel really pampered and special throughout the whole day.So. First off, she woke up to 10 Sunflowers (her favourite). And while I was at work, she had a surprise visit from a hair stylist (I knew she’d wanna be looking/feeling great for the pictures) which went down really well! When I got home from work, we went together to get pedicures (where my good friend James third-wheeled like a champion). And then we went walking downtown in Pensacola, where I knew I wanted to “accidentally bump into” Stephen. Once the photoshoot began, we worked our way through downtown to a spot I had scouted out previously, that I knew would be a perfect place to ask. My brother had hidden the ring in a little bush there. So all I had to was find it, and we would be golden.We arrived at the spot, and I made an excuse to go near the plant where the ring was hidden,, and when I turned back toward Synnøve, the ring was in hand. Spoiler alert-she said yes! We then celebrated with some champagne that was hidden nearby, finished off our photoshoot with a dreamy engagement session, and then shared a dinner for two at Restaurant Iron, where my brother had planned a special (vegan-friendly) menu for us. Synnøve was surprised in the moment, but the proposal was very much expected.

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