Symone and CJ

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How We Met

June 20th, 2015 my friends and I went to a lake party at a gorgeous estate in Pebble Bay, Lake Norman. CJ answered the door and showed us around. I remember thinking, he’s super cute but obviously preoccupied (if you know what I mean). The party ended up being super epic but I didn’t see much of him for the rest of the night. A few weeks later, I was grocery shopping and saw him near the seafood counter. I tried to wave but he did NOT notice me at all so I played it off and kept walking (super embarrassed btw). I immediately texted my friends to let them know that I’d seen the “really nice” guy from the lake and was bummed that he didn’t notice me at all. Flash forward to early March 2016, I decided to join Tinder (which I’d previously sworn off after hearing horror stories) and began a series of REALLY BAD first (tinder) dates. One afternoon I got a notification that I’d been “super liked”, which means the person REALLY liked your profile on Tinder and wanted you to know as well.

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Turns out it was HIM, the guy from the lake (and the grocery store). I thought for sure he “super liked” me because he remembered me from the lake party, he did not. He asked me on a date and we instantly connected. A month after our first date, he asked me if I was free the weekend of April 23rd and if I had a passport. I said yes to both and two days later I received a flight confirmation in my email for Playa del Carmen, Mexico. While on our surprise trip/date in Mexico, he asked me to be his girlfriend…it was the most amazing trip.

how they asked

CJ and I had been dating for almost a year when we decided to visit Playa del Carmen for the second time. I was looking forward to celebrating and relaxing in the city where I became his girlfriend the year before. We had an amazing weekend full of laughs and lots of daiquiris! On Sunday, CJ had planned a nice dinner in a surprise location. We took a taxi about 25-30 minutes away from our hotel to Maroma Beach.

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When we arrived on the grounds I was immediately speechless, it was SO beautiful and there were little to no other people around. We sat down ordered drinks and I noticed a guy on the beach taking pictures of who I thought was his wife or girlfriend.

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A few minutes into our time there a waiter brought out gorgeous red roses and a covered dish and sat it in front of me. I opened it and it was the exact Tiffany bracelet I’d admired on our recent trip to New Orleans. Attached was a note that read: “Because I want to hold your hand today, tomorrow, and everyday for the rest of my life…” I immediately started crying and said “omg you scared me I thought it was a ring!”

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To which he laughed and shook his head no. He is always planning romantic things for us to do so I didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary. I thought, my boyfriend is the sweetest…always making me smile. I had no idea what would happen next!

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He said he had another surprise for me and led me to a table directly on the sand. We sat down and I noticed there was a drone flying above us, he told me that they were taking pictures of the grounds so I ignored it completely. Our waiter brought out another covered dish (I assumed it was dinner) but when I opened it…there was another Tiffany blue box inside.

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This time it was necklace with the note: “Because you have my heart forever. I love you so much Symone.” So now I’m REALLY freaking out.

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Two more waiters come with a bottle of champagne and I instantly tear up. I’m repeating “What is happening CJ” over and over and he just has the biggest grin on his face. He asked me to go see the waves with him and I knew something big was about to happen. I was so overwhelmed with emotion, I told him I loved him very much. He replied, “Do you want to love me forever?” He got down on one knee and said “Baby will you marry me?”

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Everything after that sentence was an amazing blur. (It turns out that the photographer I thought was taking pictures of his wife, was actually documenting the entire proposal. There were also hidden cameras set up capturing the moments before the proposal. We have over 500 pics of my ugly cry lol! )

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