Sylvia and Eldar

How We Met

Not sure how exciting the story is but it’s definitely different and unexpected. We met through the app Tinder, so you would never expect to meet your “Happily Ever After”. We were both surprised by the amazing connection we had right from the get go and we’ve pretty much been inseparable ever since!

Image 1 of Sylvia and Eldar

how they asked

I arrived home from work and he already had everything set up(including the hidden cameras). I’m Korean-American so I speak Korean but I don’t read it fluently, which already knew. He told me on the phone that he had bought some fortune cookies because he was just in the mood for them and I was pleasantly surprised since I enjoy them also! Before I got home he printed a note that said “Will you marry me?” in Korean, transliterated to English (which took me a minute to understand) and hid the ring inside the fortune cookie as well. I had a really rough few days and was dealing with a toe injury, so I came home exhausted. He hid the note in a way which the corners were sticking out of the sides. I was ready to crack it open but he insisted I just pull the fortune out. So I pulled the note and took a few minutes to realize it wasn’t a “Jacked up fortune” but an actual proposal. I then cracked the cookie open to find the ring inside. I was obviously not expecting it and the rest is history!!!

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