Sylvia and Derek

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How We Met

Derek and I met through mutual friends and instantly felt there was a natural chemistry. Once we had hung out a couple times, we couldn’t stop talking to each other and very quickly turned into a fairytale romance. If nothing else, our strong connection for our love of food and family kept us going.

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how they asked

My job requires me to travel a lot. During this particular time, it had been nearly 5 weeks straight of traveling to another city, another week. This week, I was in Las vegas. My little sister (& best friend) let me know that her husband, who also travels often for work, happened to have a client meeting in Las Vegas for a few days at the same time!

I was so beyond elated to be able to have a sister’s date night. We completely planned to take advantage of Vegas’ gorgeous photo opportunities to take some cute shots of us together. We coordinated dressing up with our outfits and even Facetime’d when I was packing.

She told me she and her husband were staying at the Wynn Hotel so I should chose dinner reservations in the hotel, which I learned later was to throw me off.We chose to meet at a pretty bar downstairs of the hotel previous to our dinner, obviously for photo opps. She told me she got into a fight with her husband so she was ready to drink and already there.

When I arrived at the bar, which was a nice restaurant, called Costa di Mare, they walked me to a table. It was quite far from the bar, all the way down a flight of spiral stairs and out into a courtyard, when I realize there was my name staged at a table with her handwriting.

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Still, at this moment, I had no idea this was my proposal. Since my sister is naturally a really thoughtful person, I thought she made this as a special appreciation dinner.I sit down and there are three cute little hexagonal balls with writing “Open me 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.”

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Inside each ball were pictures and a creative hand-made note all made from scratch by my now fiance, Derek.

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Each note and pictures were specific to the order of which we were dating.

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I was so flattered to see how much detail was put into this. Then “tap, tap” is his fingers on my shoulder. He gave a speech where he said he wants to wake up

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Then “tap, tap” is his fingers on my shoulder. He gave a speech where he said he wants to wake up everyday with me and got down on a knee with a stunning ring.

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My sister pops out out of nowhere behind a pillar. Then comes the cherry on top when my mom walks out from afar. I was speechless.

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Derek had driven them both out to Las Vegas that morning from Orange County CA. He also booked a room for them at the hotel I was staying, The Cosmopolitan.
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Derek knew how much I would’ve wanted my friends to be part of my one-day-someday proposal, so my sister so my sister and him gathered a bunch of letters from family and friends via a secret FB group.

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If they didn’t want to send a card, she had them take a picture of a letter and she photoshopped it into different letterheads. They brought it in a huge pink box titled “Congratulations!” which I also read through during our dinner at Costa di Mare.

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I was just over the moon!!!! It was as if everyone was there, and every element was just absolutely so sentimental, thoroughly planned and one of a kind. All for me.

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It was just an overload of emotions. I couldn’t be happier with my family and friends who made it all happen.

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