Sydnie and Corbin

How We Met: Corbin and I met in high school in 2009. I was a junior varsity cheerleader and he was a freshman basketball player. We instantly connected and I knew there was something special about him. We started dating on March 13, 2009 and we have been together ever since.

Image 1 of Sydnie and Corbin

how they asked:March 13, 2015 was our six year anniversary. I had a feeling a proposal would be coming. We have a dachshund which is more like our first child. Corbin woke me up on our anniversary and told me to pack for a night. He took Jaba, our dog, outside before we left.

When he came back inside he told me that he saw something on Jaba’s chest that I should look at. Jaba has had his fair share of skin issues so I assumed the worst. As I picked him up I saw a big red heart charm on his collar that said, “will you marry me”.

Image 4 of Sydnie and Corbin

Before I could look up Corbin was down on one knee holding my dream ring. After six years of dating I finally get to call the man of my dreams my fiancé!!

Image 2 of Sydnie and CorbinImage 3 of Sydnie and Corbin