Sydney and Tyler

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How We Met

I moved to Texas on a whim for work. I was living in Dallas and didn’t know a soul out there, but one of my best friends and her husband moved to Austin for the summer for work. I took a weekend road trip a few different times over the summer and had heard stories about “Ty” and how awesome he was. Finally, towards the end of the summer I took another weekend trip. I got there late on a Friday night and Savannah & Nate (two of my best friends) and I decided to do dinner. Nate had sent Tyler a text telling him to come to dinner with us so he could meet me. Tyler shrugged it off because he already had his flight booked to move back to Utah the next week and already had dates lined up back in Utah. Nate told him where we were eating and he was in (solely for the food). Once he hopped in the car Nate joked “Hey! It’s a surprise double date.” We both laughed awkwardly and I thought he was handsome, well-dressed, and he smelled great. We joked around for the rest of the night about being “in love” because we were with Savannah and Nate who were mushy newlyweds. Later that weekend we went to church and went for a walk and completely hit it off. After that he bumped his flight back to come and visit me in Dallas. Then, he ended up bumping his flight back two more times before canceling it all together and it was history from that point on!

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how they asked

Tyler and I met in Austin, Texas this last summer. I was living in Dallas for work and he was living in Austin. One weekend I went to Austin to visit a couple of my best friends and ended up meeting the love of my life (best weekend trip I’ve ever made). From the very start of our relationship, I would always say “Is this even real life? Is he even real life?” Well, turns out I say that almost daily. Ty is the most thoughtful, loving, and kind-hearted man I have ever met. Plus he’s smart, funny, and freaking hot. Basically, I scored.

And his proposal could not have been more perfect. My aunts all kept saying “This is better than The Bachelor!” Ain’t that the truth. So here is the story of the most perfect proposal. It was better than anything I could have even dreamt. Ty started laying the groundwork for this long before the actual proposal. He was so clever in throwing me off and I still can’t believe I was surprised. Dude, punk’d me for sure (watch out Ashton Kutcher). Here’s a little background of some of the biggest things that threw me off. Ty was working a ton and my dad is forever busy so I didn’t think he had asked him for permission yet. I even complained to my sister “He hasn’t even talked to dad yet… I’m dying!” I was such an impatient, whiny baby about waiting. But alas, patience has never been my strong suit. Ty had my best friend, Savannah, tell me that he was planning on proposing in Oregon over Christmas, but he didn’t know if he would have the ring in time. I was on our bank account and Ty had an account titled “Put A Ring On” (he’s a boy scout… super prepared) and there was still money in it. Apparently he didn’t have to pay for the ring until he picked it up. And the biggest sneaky move of all…

He planted a fake “Family Home Evening” activity for our singles activity at church. He had our friend, JP, come up to us during church and ask “Hey, so are you guys going to that Surprise Date activity tomorrow night?” I had no idea what he was talking about and Ty goes “Oh babe! I forgot to tell you. There is this date activity tomorrow night, do you want to go?” JP went on to explain that it was a date that the Elders Quorum (mens group) was planning for the Relief Society (all of the women). He said that they had this whole date planned and “we’re going to blindfold them and everything to make it a big surprise.” Then, during the last hour of church Ty and I were texting and he was telling me about how the guys had all just finished planning this elaborate date. One of the girls, Tiff, sitting next to me was telling me about how thoughtful all of the guys in the ward were and how it didn’t surprise her at all that they were planning something like this. She even sent me a text the next day telling me that she got asked on the date so she would see me there.

So now for the good part… Monday night, December 19, rolled around and Ty and I got ready to go to “Family Home Evening”. Because it was a surprise I had no idea what to wear so he gave me guidance. And thank goodness he suggested I not wear the beanie I had in my hands. He knew I wouldn’t be happy with having a beanie on in all of the pictures. He knows me so well. So we start driving and he had mentioned something about “being near the canyon” so in my mind we were going up American Fork Canyon. We got off the exit and he told me “This is where we are supposed to blindfold you guys.” I was like “C’mon, I bet other girls aren’t actually going to get blindfolded. What if I get carsick?” but he said “Babe, we were all sworn to secrecy about this.” And so I blindfolded myself as we continued to drive. I was rambling on telling him some random story about my childhood, completely oblivious to the fact that he was super nervous. Well, he says he was nervous all night but I swear he kept his cool. So the truck slowed to a stop and he guided me out of the truck (sneakily grabbing the ring box out of the Jimmy Johns wrapper he had it hiding it. See, sneakiest ever, right?)

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Being blindfolded makes any person feel completely incapable of even the most basic tasks so as we were walking in an almost flat front yard I kept saying “You’re going to take me off a cliff!” (Remember how I thought we were up the canyon?) So we got to the side of the house and he took my blindfold off. At this point I started looking around and it looked like we were at my Aunt Missy’s house. But still, the Family Home Evening thing threw me for a loop and I thought “But why would we have FHE at Missy’s house?” Right in front of me there was an archway with lights and a pathway shoveled in the snow with rose petals and candles. We started walking forward and I was still thinking that this was just the most elaborate group date ever created.

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Right as we walked through the arch, one of “our songs” Take My Hand started playing. This is when the lights finally started to go off in my head. I just kept saying “Ty, what is happening? Babe, what is happening? What is this?” and he responded, “Babe, what do you think is happening?” Cue the tears.

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As we came around the corner this is what I saw. Like, are you kidding me? So perfect. I still can’t get over it.

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Ty had set up the gazebo to replicate our first kiss. Our first kiss happened at his friends lake house. There was a fire pit, some chairs, and twinkling lights over us. That night of our first kiss he selected a random song on Spotify and asked me to dance. It was the song “I Would” and it could not have been more perfect. I may or may not have cried right before our first kiss.

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As we got closer to the gazebo I could see little Polaroids strung up on the lights.Ty had written little snippets about dating and how he fell in love with me. So prepare yourself for some hard cry pictures. (Even now, I’m crying as I type this)

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Then, this wonderful man that has chosen to love me got on one knee and asked me to marry him. (There was even a light in the ring box! Do you see why I ask myself everyday “Who is this guy?)

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Saying “yes” was the best decision I have ever made. I have a hard time deciding what to order at a restaurant yet choosing to love Tyler and to be loved by him was the easiest decision I have ever made. I haven’t stopped smiling since this night (actually since I met him!) I still can’t believe I get to keep him for eternity– it truly is an honor. I love you Tyler Minetto!

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Special Thanks

Tara Wilcox
 | Photographer