Sydney and Josh

Image 1 of Sydney Ariella and Josh

How We Met

Josh and I met in our summer biology class. He found he way back to where I was sitting and went chair to chair until he was next to me.

how they asked

We went to Disneyland for spring break with my family. Josh’s parents were also there celebrating their 35th anniversary. When we got there on the first day, he said he was going to go find them and I should go ride a few rides with my parents and younger brother. He called me a bit later and asked me to meet him by the Walt and Mickey statue on Main Street. He told me he was going to get some lemonaide at the Jolley Holliday. He said they have the best lemonade in all of Disneyland! We went to get in line and as we made our way closer, we started looking at sandwiches in the display case.

Image 2 of Sydney Ariella and Josh

In the next display over, there was a lovely piece of chocolate cake. Josh looked at me and said “hey babe, do you want to marry me?” I looked at the cake and written in yellow frosting was “Will you marry me?”

Image 3 of Sydney Ariella and Josh

I started crying, of course! Josh let me outside and got down on one knee! It was the most magical day!!

Image 4 of Sydney Ariella and Josh