Sydney and Tyrell

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How We Met

It all started with a Facebook message and a mutual love for Harry Potter. He was reading the books & was looking for the movies. I had all the ones that were currently out. Next thing I know, he’s coming to my dorm to hang out, flirt, and watch these movies with me. Fast forward a bunch of time & he gets the job opportunity of a lifetime with the NFL in Houston. We made sure we would see each other before he left for Houston & that’s when he swept me off my feet and asked be to be his girl….

Our first picture as a couple, above :)

how they asked

We planned all year to go to Disney World in June. I had been begging him to take me basically our entire relationship & he finally gave in! On this particular day, we were in Magic Kingdom and I was literally busting at the seams with excitement! We spent the first half of the day riding rides and just having so much fun. That evening, we had reservations at the Beauty & the Beast themed restaurant, Be Our Guest. He knows that’s my favorite Disney movie so I was more than excited to have dinner there!

After we ate, our waiter says oh you can explore the restaurant now, there are different rooms to the left and to the right. One room was The West Wing where Beast kept the Enchanted Rose. We’re standing in front of said rose and I’m trying to take a picture of it. I turn around and Tyrell has this gorgeous rose in his hands.

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He says, “I got you this rose because it reminded me of the one from the movie.” I’m completely in awe! He opens it and inside is the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen in my life. The tears start to flow, he gets on one knee, I say yes! and everyone applauds! I have never been more surprised & excited in my entire life!

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Happily engaged in the most magical place on Earth!

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