Sydney and Tyler

Image 1 of Sydney and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler & I met almost two years ago via social media. We messaged, texted, and talked on the phone constantly. Shortly after we started talking we realized that we actually only lived a mile down the road from each other! After hundreds of messages and hours of phone conversations we decided to meet. I met Tyler on Christmas Eve in the Walmart parking lot. Romantic right! We did our last minute christmas shopping together and it felt the most normal thing in the world. Finally being with him was the most amazing feeling. There were no nerves and no awkward moments it was just the most natural thing. As the night came to end I hated having to leave him but I knew that this was just the beginning for us! It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with my green eyed honey and realize that he would be the man I would spend forever with.

how they asked

Riding in a hot air balloon has always been the number one thing on my bucket list since I was like 5 years old. As much as I wanted to do it I never in a million years thought I would have the opportunity. On May the 10th I got a phone call from Tyler telling me that we were going on a hot air balloon ride! Of course I was shocked and had a million thoughts running through my head but I was mostly overwhelmed with excitement. A little less than a month later we were waking up at 3am to drive almost 3 hours away to ride a hot air balloon! The ride was beautiful and amazing in every way but shortly before landing Tyler pulled out a beautiful ring and asked me to marry him. I was completely surprised and speechless but of course agreed to spend forever with the love of my life!

Image 2 of Sydney and Tyler