Sydney and Tyler

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How We Met

We met at college in Rexburg, Idaho! After seeing each other many times but never doing anything about it, we finally introduced ourselves at a mutual friends super bowl party. We soon found out we were the same person and loved spending every bit of time we had together! We dated for 5 months when Sydney got her call to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Utica, New York. She left and we kept in contact writing letters every week for a year and a half. 3 months after being home we got engaged and we could be happier!

how they asked

We have a cabin up in Palisades, Idaho where we have had a lot of firsts! This is the first place we went the night we met with a big group of friends, the first place she met my family, the first place we kissed, and now the place we got engaged! We went to a place close to where I first kissed her and had a sign on a steep hill just a ways away from us so it couldn’t be seen. We wanted it filmed but we didn’t want anyone there so the drone was the only way! After flying it for a bit I handed her the controller and waited until she could see what was written out in the snow. When she finally noticed it, I got down on one knee!

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Special Thanks

Janae Fielding
 | Made the sign with the lights!
Holly Fielding
 | Made the sign with the lights!
Creg Fielding
 | Helped snowmobile the stuff up and set up