Sydney and Travis

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How We Met

I agreed to go to a get together with two of my best friends and it was a place with many unfamiliar people. I had no intentions of meeting anybody new, because I was getting over a recent breakup. He talked to me several times, but I had no idea he had any special thoughts about me. I thought he was extremely cute, but I just thought he was just being nice to me because I knew nobody. We began seeing each other around more, when he finally worked up the courage to ask me for my number. After playing hard to get, I agreed to hang out with him and a few weeks later we began dating.

He asked me to be his girlfriend at night on the beach and he has never stopped being romantic (but goofy all at the same time). It wasn’t hard for me to fall in love with him, just by seeing how much my family adores him. Their relationship is amazing and I am so lucky they love each other that much. Thankfully our relationship survived 4 years of long distance, with me away at college, and him working full time.

how they asked

Travis and I have been together for 5 years and he decided to plan a vacation to celebrate our anniversary. We traveled to St. Thomas with a couple we are close with, so that we could celebrate our relationship with people dear to us. During our vacation we participated in spectacular activities and did many things he and I have never done before. It was a week of firsts for the both of us and I kept thinking how special it was to be experiencing these moments with him by my side. There was a moment that occurred when he and I were snorkeling on a secluded beach in St. John.

We were swimming out to an island pretty far into the ocean and this venture required us to swim over a deep spot where we couldn’t see the bottom. Prior to getting in the water, we saw a shark swimming and that instance did not give us a positive feeling. As we were swimming, we saw a manta ray and many unfamiliar fish swimming below us. He and I became extremely nervous and turned around to the shore several times. We both finally convinced each other that we were going to swim together, hand in hand. In that moment I knew for an absolute fact he is the man I will marry.

On one of our last days, my girlfriend mentioned taking pictures by the sunset. I agreed and we began getting ready. The sun began to set quickly, so we all rushed down for pictures. As we walked out of our hotel it began raining, although I was slightly bummed I didn’t think too much of it. Travis insisted on still capturing the sunset and I agreed to take a few pictures with him. As the rain calmed down, we began posing for a picture and then he began getting down on one knee.

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I was shocked and started telling him to stand up because I thought he was joking (he has pretend proposed to me several times in the past), but then his friend pulled out the box and handed it to him.

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Instantly, tears began running down my face and I agreed to spend the rest of my life with him.

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