Sydney and Stephen

Image 1 of Sydney and Stephen

How We Met

Stephen and I have been at the same school since 2nd Grade, but didn’t officially meet until our senior year of high school. We sat next to each other in Spanish class and I was immediately intrigued by his quiet personality and quirky sense of humor- he and I were total opposites! Our senior prom was coming up and I mentioned in passing to our teacher that I did not have a date. One week before prom she announced that an anonymous girl (giving me the side-eye!) needed a date to prom and after class Stephen followed me out to ask if I really did need a date. When I said I did, he said, and I quote, “Well, I guess I could take you.” I laughed and told him not to do me any favors but he ended up insisting so I said yes. He started walking me to my car every day after class and one week later we went to prom. Despite the constant torrential downpour that night, it ended up being one of the best nights of my life! Stephen was the perfect gentleman and a great dancer :) After he kissed me good night the rest is history!

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how they asked

Last year I bought a white lace dress that I was determined to be proposed to in. Stephen, the surprise-lover that he is, said there was no way I would be able to wear the dress when I got proposed to because then it would not be a surprise! Fast forward to June 30th and some friends invited me to a fancy dinner where the theme was none other than white lace. Reluctant to wear my special dress but knowing Stephen would not ever ask me to wear it for fear of ruining a surprise, I decided to just go for it. When I put it on it was even better than I had remembered!

I quickly got over my disappointment of not getting engaged in this dress as my friends drove me to dinner on my favorite route- right through NC State (my alma mater)’s campus and then to my absolute favorite place in the world- downtown Raleigh. Feeling so nostalgic about all the fun memories Stephen and I had shared in these places, I was emotional as we walked toward the restaurant. As we rounded the corner, I saw that the restaurant appeared to be closed. There was a note on the door. I saw my name as I got closer and read the note: “Sydney- I have something for you on the bridge.

Image 3 of Sydney and Stephen

” At first I didn’t believe I was the Sydney the note was referring to! What in the world? The sun was just starting to set, casting the most beautiful pink-orange glow on the Raleigh skyline I had grown to love so much over the years. I walked up the bridge as the note had instructed me to do and saw Stephen’s smiling face at the center of the bridge.

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He beamed at me as I walked up to him and I had barely reached him when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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Image 6 of Sydney and Stephen

It was so magical and surreal- I couldn’t believe he had pulled this off!

Image 7 of Sydney and Stephen

Once I accepted reality and we left the bridge he insisted we go to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, and when we walked in our best friends and families were there!

Image 8 of Sydney and Stephen

It was one surprise after another. I couldn’t imagine a better way to say “yes!” to forever with this amazing man!

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