Sydney and Spencer

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How we met: Spencer and I met when we were in elementary school together. We finally began dating in grade twelve after we’d spent MANY years being teased by our friends, parents and teachers. After graduating high school we went on to spend a year at Bible School together. He’s been my best friend for as long as I can remember, he’s always scheming ways to surprise me, make me smile and uniquely show me how much he loves me.

I work as a youth minister at my church and I was invited to attend my previous high school’s winter formal, I was right about to head on my way when my roommate knocked on my bedroom door, she handed me a mixed CD and a note that read, ‘Good Morning! You are on the right track, but DO NOT leave the S.P.A. formal until you receive another envelope. Have a good day.’ I wasn’t too suspicious at first because my birthday was that Sunday so I thought perhaps Spencer was planning a birthday scavenger hunt for me.

I was happy to listen to the whole CD on my way to work that morning. I kept reminiscing back to high school when Spencer made me a mixed CD for our first anniversary; both had similar hand drawn cover art.Image 2 of Sydney and Spencer

That morning I ran into my sister at the winter formal she handed me an envelope with another clue. It said, ‘I’ve had one latte today, but it wasn’t enough. Looks like I’m going to need a __________ ______.’ I headed to Second Cup immediately, back in high school I worked there and both of us still enjoy going there for lattes regularly (sometimes more than once a day.)Image 3 of Sydney and Spencer

When I arrived there my mom was waiting at the front door with my favorite drink in hand, she said she’d like to take me next door to get my nails done for my birthday. A little suspicious, but of course I agreed! I had my nails painted a beautiful shade of pink and enjoyed some much needed mother/daughter time.

Image 4 of Sydney and SpencerAt the end of our date she handed me a clue that read, ‘You will receive the next envelope at your parents home at 1:30pm. Please be inside & waiting at the table.’ I was so excited I rushed there, waiting at the table 20 minutes early. Eventually the doorbell rang and I opened it to see another envelope waiting on the porch. The note inside said, ‘Will you accompany me to the Christmas formal Dance?’ Pick up shortly before 2pm.

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By this point I was really suspicious. I knew Spencer must have planned something extra special if we were attending our old high school formal. I was expecting him to pick me up but I was surprised when the doorbell rang and our friend Cole answered dressed in a suit.He told me he was my chauffeur for the afternoon. It’s funny because he drives a 2002 Black Cavalier, but nonetheless he was very enthusiastic about his role for the day and even let me pick the radio stations we listened to.

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When we arrived at our old high school I was surprised to see Spencer outside dressed in the cutest sweater vest with a tie and everything! We took pictures in front of the Christmas tree (we have the same photo taken in high school) and proceeded to the gym to join the dance. We danced to Ho Hey by The Lumineers and Steal My Girl by One Direction, both songs that were on the CD I was given that morning.

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Upon leaving the dance Spencer took me to Boston Pizza. This is significant because every Tuesday around 4pm we go for dinner there, we always sit in the same booth and have the same waitress. I order a pepsi and he orders a water, always. When we arrived, they brought out our drinks, our regular order of cactus cuts and a bouquet of flowers! It was beyond sweet.

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After our lunch I was expecting Spencer to give me another clue or drive me someplace else. Instead, we walked out of the restaurant and Cole was waiting outside to chauffeur me. Spencer left and said he’d see me later that day. Cole handed me the next clue which read, ‘Please pick up 2 lattes from Second Cup. I’ll have whatever you’re having…except with whipped cream.’

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I was so excited to see ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ written on our cups! The girls at Second Cup gave me the final envelope with a note that said, ‘Bring our drinks and meet me where it all began in 11th grade.’

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I got in the car and knew exactly where we were headed! In grade 11 Spencer and I were just friends. We used to spend our lunch hours together on the edge of the schoolyard on a hill that overlooked the baseball diamond and main road. It’s always been a significant part of our relationship because we spent so many hours talking and getting to know one another there.

When we pulled up to the school parking lot I could see Spencer standing off in the distance, I was so nervous! Cole walked with me through the snow until finally I was standing face to face with Spencer. He held my hands and said some of the most beautiful words to me and FINALLY got down on one knee and I obviously said YES!

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Spencer worked so hard to incorporate so many meaningful people, places and things from our relationship into our proposal. I couldn’t have imagined it being any more perfect. He even had our friend Jesse capture the whole thing on camera!

When I arrived home that evening I opened my front door to be surprised once again, but this time by my roommates, friends and family! Of course they were following my Instagram posts all day and were dying to hear all of the details, it was awesome being able to share such a memorable occasion alongside our loved ones.

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I’m so thankful for Spencer & all of the wonderful memories we share together, I couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds for us.

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