Sydney and Ryan

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How We Met

Ry and I met in English class our Senior year of high school. I was dating someone else at the time, but he was one of my closest guy friends. After high school, we went to different colleges- I went to the University of Oklahoma and he went to Texas A&M. We reconnected the summer after our Freshman year and went to see the movie, The Great Gatsby. We read this book together in our English class. We went to the movie and then spent the rest of our night catching up at a nearby park. Not long after that night, we started dating.

how they asked

We had planned on going on a Saturday date earlier that week. We went to brunch at Lucille’s in the Museum District, which Ryan “conveniently” picked at random. Ryan had suggested going to the Museum of Natural Science afterward to do something different. We went through every exhibit and the last one we went to was the gem exhibit. Ryan said he “really wanted to see this one” which I thought was a little weird… At this point though, I was still very unsuspecting. As we walked through, I was reading the names of the gems and he began to rush me. Then we got to another more secluded section and I was reading the names again when he turned me away from the exhibit to face him. The only thing I remember him saying was “I promise to lead you” and then he was down on one knee!

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His original plan was to propose at a park near the museum but the weather in Houston was cold and rainy so he improvised and proposed in the museum instead. We went to the area in Hermann Park that he had planned on proposing and took fun pictures. Then we went to a restaurant special to my family and had an engagement party that he had coordinated with all of our family and closet friends! It was the sweetest and best day!

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Special Thanks

Hannah Henke
 | Photographer