Sydney and Roderic

We met on our first day of college. Unbeknownst to us – my grandparents had been his family’s travel agents for the last 20 years. We became good friends since we were both in relationships at the time. Fast forward four years and we had graduated and moved on in our lives. His parents heard from my family that I was single and he asked me out that day. It was a match that fit perfectly and we both knew we had found what we’d been looking for. A year later as we explored the beautiful castle in Ireland we were staying in, he led me to the walled gardens. We took a some photos together and he instructed me to turn around. I immediately started to cry when I turned back to see him on his knee with a ring more amazing than I could have imagined. He kept it simple and said he loved me with all his heart and asked me to be his wife.

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