Sydney and Nicholas

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How We Met

Nick and I met on a cruise in November of 2018. Yes, you read that a right. A cruise. I was on a girls trip with some of my best friends from home. Nick was on the same boat for a bachelor party. One of his good friends from high school was getting married two weeks later. We met on the dance floor at the club on the ship. In fact, it’s where our groups would go every night just to hang out and let loose. Nick claims from the moment we met, he knew I was something special. It took me a little longer to realize the same about him. After that first night, our respective groups would run into each other. I noticed that Nick would make more of an effort to talk and hang out with not just me, but my friends as well. I thought nothing of it at first, but the second to last night of the cruise, he finally mustered up the courage to ask me for my number. He noticed that my area code was the same as his (for whatever reason, we never asked each other where we were from). Turns out, we lived an hour and a half from each other. Talk about fate. He also asked me if I would be his date for his buddy’s wedding. I said yes, but I didn’t think his friend would go for it and let me come. Boy was I wrong. I ended up going to the wedding. I met more of Nick’s friends and had an absolute blast dancing the night away. I wish I could say that that’s how our story ends and the rest is history. That’s not the case, unfortunately.

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My ex decided to weasel his way back into my life and I was completely torn. I ended things with Nick and tried to work things out with my ex. The biggest mistake I could have ever made. I ended up having my heart broken and was left to pick up the pieces. Flash forward to April of 2019, I was going to be in Gainesville for a Garth Brooks concert. Before things ended with Nick, I knew he had plans to move here for work, but I had no idea if that ended up happening. I tossed around the idea of reaching out to him but wasn’t sure if he would respond. I sent him a text and waited for what seemed like forever. To my surprise, he responded and we met up after the concert. We caught up, said our goodbyes, and Nick left to meet up with friends. The whole time I was thinking to myself that I made a huge mistake letting him go.

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A few days later, it happened to be my birthday. Nick sent me a text message and by this time of the day, I had a nice buzz going on. I told him that I missed him and I needed him. The next day, I woke up and saw how angry he was that I said those things. I told him that I meant every word, but I understood if he didn’t want to try again. To my surprise, he wanted to see me that night after he got off of work. We’ve been together and inseparable ever since.

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How They Asked

For our 1 year anniversary, we planned a weekend away in Seattle. We booked and paid for everything months in advance. On the night of our actual anniversary (April 24th), we were scheduled to have a photoshoot with a local photographer. Unfortunately, we never got to go on our trip due to COVID-19. With all the restaurants still closed and only open for takeout, we decided we would make the most of it. We got dressed up just to pick up takeout and took it back to our apartment.

Earlier in the night, Nick told me that he messed up and ordered my gift a few days ago and it wouldn’t be here till next week. I was kind of relieved because the gift I had got him had been on backorder since March and it finally shipped out the day before our anniversary and wouldn’t be here till the following week. I told him it was no big deal and that we would do a gift exchange later on. We made it through dinner and dessert and after we were through, Nick came up to me and gave me a hug and said: “So you know how I said I didn’t have your gift here with me.

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Well, I lied.” My heart started beating a million miles a minute and I thought to myself is this it? I hoped it was but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. He proceeded to tell me to turn around as he had to grab it. When he came back, he told me to turn around, and when I did, he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes, but he didn’t hear me because, at this point, I was crying and in shock. So he asked again. This time I screamed yes as he put my dream ring on my finger. I’m so excited to be taking this next step and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be the future, Mrs. Plumley.

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